Home base: Detroit (US)

Booking territory: World ex NA


Brendan M Gillen is the founder of cult label Interdimensional Transmissions, central figure in Ectomorph, and legendary DJ and live act under his moniker BMG. His 25 year musical vision and near encyclopedic musical knowledge have led him to be one of the key figures and visionaries in contemporary dance music. His parties (most famously but not limited to No Way Back and Return to the Source) are the greatest contemporary manifestation of the Detroit party continuum that reaches back to the parties that formed Detroit’s underground roots. 

Beyond the curation of IT records and their events, he has also worked in radio for decades, hosting Crush Collision on WCBN for years, with guests as diverse as Drexciya, Basic Channel and Autechre. Brendan has also worked as a journalist, attempting to communicate and archive the ethos of the underground. In the last decade IT had a regular radio show with guests ranging from Marcellus Pittman, A Number of Names to Chris & Cosey.

A master weaver of true psychedelic musical tapestry, BMG has a way of making the strange familiar and the familiar strange. Expect the unexpected.

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