Phoq U


Phoq U Phonogrammen is a sublabel of U-TRAX, the independent and quirky record label from Utrecht, The Netherlands. In 1995, Phoq U Phonogrammen was launched as a sublabel for a harder, more up-tempo techno & acid style. Seven releases saw the light of day on this sublabel in the years 1995 -1997 by Pieces of a Pensive State Of Mind, Heinrich Tillack, The Implant and others. After 26 years the label is back with its first new release by Detroit native Rebecca Goldberg, her ‘The People Mover’ EP will be released May 26th 2023 and features a remix by UK techno legend Mark Broom.

Here’s a quote from the label owner Richard about the restart:

We started Phoq U Phonogrammen in the mid 90s, at a time in which I wasn’t happy the way things were going in the industry. Hence the labels’ eloquent name, though it was also some self-mockery – you can read this as “f*ck U(-TRAX)”. Since the reboot of U-TRAX, we’re focusing more on electronic music for the living room. At the same time, I will always love dance music that has a bit of a rough edge. That’s why we recently started thinking of rebooting Phoq U… and then Rebecca came along with her great EP! It was the perfect timing and a match made in heaven.

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