The Agency

Flashback to ’21. We’re mid-pandemic. Dance floors are eerily empty and sound systems strangely silent. The scene that literally depends on movement, noise, and close human interaction is on its proverbial ass. The one it once used to shake so freely…
Around that time, Sonja Koeman and Samir Jebbar, two electronic music fanatics with a bunch of experience in artist booking and management under their belts, get to talking on the phone.
Samir: “Yoooo, Son! I just had the best idea… You know what we should do? Start an agency for the artists we love listening to ourselves!”
Sonja: “You mean, start a business in a line of work that might cease to exist in a few months?”
Samir: “Exactly!
Sonja: “Would you maybe care to explain where this spark of genius is coming from? And where you bought whatever it is you just smoked?”
Samir: “Well, it makes sense if you think about it. We both love this line of work, they say we’re good at it, and we both know the right people, venues, events, and organizations. Plus, neither of us knows how to do anything else…”
Sonja“Mmmm, you kinda got me there…  Let’s do it! On one condition though: we need to represent artists who agree that in a ‘good life’ we dance on open-minded dance floors, we connect with strangers through sound systems, and we share music with love and dedication.”
Samir: “You see?! We already have a name: Good Life!
Every personality demands a fresh approach, but here’s how we generally create a Good Life for our roster. 
We offer full booking and management services for DJ’s, producers and record labels in electronic music that matters. 
Our goal is to allow our artists and labels to focus on their talent, while we take care of everything else. 
Want to get to know us?

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