ANNOUNCEMENT | Thrills in +41 joins GLA

From the heart of Netherlands, we present you another insanely talented DJ and producer. Welcome to GLA Thrills in +41!

Thrills in +41 – real name Lucas Tromer – is an Utrecht based DJ & producer exploring the fields of techno, house and electro. Frequently blending in freaky structures that evoke an anticipating feeling, Tromer’s sound can be aligned with the likes of Fadi Mohem and Deniro. Having released on Carista’s UNITED IDENTITIES and the Amsterdam label WHO’S SUSAN, this esthetic continues to evolve.

Driven by a love for the 90s, Tromer’s deep, dark and trippy techno sets are infused with groove while bringing surprising elements to the floor. He’s not afraid to create a curveball moment, be it by playing a moody Aphex Twin record or a ghetto house 808 track and anything in between. 

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