News | Rebecca Goldbergs journey for the BBC Radiophonic Travel Agency available now

The special project for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop takes you on an auditory journey through the home state and city of Rebecca Goldberg: Michigan & Detroit. It includes 13 field recordings of cultural significance of the state, as curated by her.

Rebecca Goldbergs latest project for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and their Travel Agency is yet another project that shows her range as a multidisciplinary artist which at the same time is very dear to her heart as it involves both her beloved home and her passion for experimental music. To accompany this venture, Rebecca has not only written about why she chose certain locations for her field recordings, she also provided beautiful photographs along with the sounds.


The Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan

All of Rebecca Goldberg’s field recordings of Detroit & Michigan, including the Detroit Zen Center, Lake Michigan and the Tahquamenon Falls are available as journeys through the BBC here: https://storyplayer.pilots.bbcconnectedstudio.co.uk/experience/radiophonic-travelagency-detroi

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