RELEASE | Phoq U Phonogrammen returns with new EP by Rebecca Goldberg (ft. Mark Broom remix)

Detroit’s Rebecca Goldberg, aka 313 Acid Queen, releases 5 techno bangers incl. Mark Broom remix on Phoq U.

Phoq U Phonogrammen, the rebellious U-TRAX sublabel, returns after 26 years with its eights release produced and manufactured in Detroit. Detroit native Rebecca Goldberg, who has previously released music and performed live under her 313 Acid Queen alias, will present her brand-new People Mover EP at the Detroit Movement festival, on May 26, 2023. The release features 5 dancefloor fillers, including the Detroit-style remix by Mark Broom of the opening track Automated. The EP is inspired by transportation, industry and travel, as well as the city of Detroit of course, paying homage to the original minimal techno music and the evolution of technology and industry. 

Early support comes from the likes of Radio Slave, Elisa Bee, Schlomi Aber, DJ Bone & Truncate to name a few. Head over to Rebecca Golberg‘s social media to stay up to date on the release.

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