Release | R.M.K – NECH021 EP on NECHTO

R.M.K‘s debut EP on Nastia‘s NECHTO Records will be release on November 4, 2022.

“The record label “NECHTO” created by Nastia unveils a 5-track EP by R.M.K – a new alias of London’s electronic music producer, DJ, and Fossil Archive label head Rob Kirkaldy, also known as Roberto. The record demonstrates a faster and more intense take on the artist’s original sound. With a focus on the very core auditory aesthetics of raves, the tracks also incorporate a hypnotic groove element of groove. The EP comprises a thundering bass at higher tempos, whilst preserving a soul within the music itself. “The intention was to make a well-balanced EP aimed at the dance floor, whilst showcasing a range of sounds that provide enough versatility to keep the listener interested throughout”, says the artist on his debut release under the R.M.K alias.” – NECHTO

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