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Hailing from Belgrade, it wasn’t exactly in the cards for Luka to get involved in electronic music. Fast forward to today though, Luka finds himself fully immersed in Zurich’s beloved club scene and beyond. Luka founded tanzen6000 with a mission to foster unity within communities, amplify the voice of the queer culture and provoke fairness and equality in the music industry.

Luka’s journey began with classical music studies at Zurich University of the Arts, having spent over a decade as a performer specializing in the 13-string guitar, organizing and actively participating in trans-disciplinary projects. However, a deep- rooted desire for comfort and a sense of belonging, often found in the pulsating heart of music-filled, dimly lit spaces, led Luka naturally to enter the DJ booth. This transformative move extended their performances from traditional concert halls to the pulsating dance floors, marked by a club gig debut for Herrensauna hosted in Zurich.

Growing up in Serbia amidst the oppressive clouds of dictatorship during the 1990s, facing the harsh realities of poverty and the uncertainty of tomorrow, Luka carried with them the weight of restricted freedom of speech and individual expression. The relocation to Zurich marked a personal renaissance, providing a haven for unfiltered expression and creativity to blossom. Fueled by vibrant inspiration drawn from nature, colours, humans and emotions, Luka is renowned for their charisma and boundless positivity. Their artistic quest is an optimistic pursuit of utopia, as they exchange their energy through sonic experiences with enthusiastic dancers. The echoes of Balkan heritage, the resonances of ’90s club music, and the imprints of cultural collisions along their life journey are all vividly woven into Luka’s distinctive musical expression.

In the realm of music, Luka curates trans-genre selections that craft moments of intimacy, liberation, and euphoria. Their sets are recognized for featuring heartwarming vocals, captivating percussive sequences, and uncovering hidden Balkan gems. Guided by their classical music foundation, their sets can offer extended, long-term phrases with recurring layered leitmotifs throughout the entire performance, or they may take unexpected detours and deliver tutti-frutti mood-changing moments filled with surprises.

In 2023, Luka’s highlights include radio shows for Hör Berlin and Rinse Paris, and performing in global cities like Chicago, Paris, Athens, New York, Washington DC, London, in renowned clubs like Elsewhere, Le Bain, Exil and Dalston Superstore.

Reflecting on their journey into the realm of electronic music, Luka shares, “I may have arrived late in this world of electronic music, but the passion burns bright and the vision is undeniable. There’s no turning back; this path feels right, unfiltered, and genuine. I thrive on the vibrations, the sweaty dark places, and the sense of togetherness. I revel in getting hypnotised by the groove. It’s everything to me and I cherish every aspect of it.”

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