Lupasco (aka Mauro Moreno)

Home base: Utrecht (NL)

Booking territory: Worldwide


Meet Lupasco, the alter ego of Mauro Moreno, a highly regarded DJ who has taken on this techno alias to delve into the authentic soul of true techno music. With a profound reverence for the hallowed history of house and techno, Lupasco weaves driving and minimalistic sets that encapsulate the pulsating essence of 90’s techno, infused with an groove-laden house spirit.

As a true vinyl enthusiast, Lupasco’s passion for spinning and collecting records spans over more than a decade. This dedication is evident in his thoughtful selection of tracks and his meticulous mixing style. Lupasco possesses an intuitive understanding of what a dance floor requires at any given moment to maintain the tension and energy, ensuring an immersive and captivating experience for the audience that they will never forget.


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