Mees Javois

Home base: Veenendaal (NL)

Booking territory: World


When on the lookout for new and upcoming artists in the electronic scene, it’s common to turn to large cities across Europe, like London, Amsterdam or Berlin. However, in the quiet streets of Veenendaal (The Netherlands), there is one artist honing his skills and gaining momentum: Mees Javois.

Mees Javois could be best described as your favorite DJ’s favorite prodigy. At the fresh age of 17 his tracks have already gained attention from the likes of Ben Sims (UK) and Mall Grab (AUS). His sound is characterized by hard hitting kicks and groovy bass lines, often paired with classic synth stabs and nostalgic-feel melodies.

Just by listening to his music and DJ sets, you can tell Javois has done his homework. Add in an enormous amount of talent and a healthy work-ethic when it comes to creating his art; the trajectory he’s on becomes clear. This past year has been one of growth for the young artist with forthcoming releases on Mall Grab and Effy’s newly launched record label Fragrance and DJ gigs at Into The Woods festival, Nachbar and BRET.

With all this in mind, it’s safe to say Mees Javois truly is an artist to watch.

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