NEWS | A love letter to No Way Back and Scott Zacharias

Resident Advisor presents Sacred Spaces, a limited edition book of love letters to dance floors from around the world. One of the love letters is written by Gabriel Szatan and dedicated to Interdimensional Transmissions‘ No Way Back event and Scott Zacharias in particular, which you can read below. More info at RA’s website.

ARTICLE | Interdimensional Transmissions label profile on Bandcamp

Interdimensional Transmissions, which is runned by BMG and Erika (Ectomorph), is picked by Bandcamp for their weekly “Label Profile” series. For the full article, please check the link below. “Brendan Gillen (aka BMG) grew up listening to Detroit techno as it evolved on the radio. He was entranced as a child by the prosody and […]

MIX | Interdimensional Transmissions podcast by BMG

Brand new podcast by BMG for their Interdimensional Transmissions podcast series! “Doing the streams was an incredible release in a time of social separation, it allowed us to get together and show our growth, changes in approach, changes to body, changes to mind. The catharsis of a No Way Back set allows for a kind […]

PODCAST | Ectomorph DJ set at Samhain

First Ectomorph DJ set, ever. “The hivemind of Ectomorph made its DJ world club debut at Samhain XXI, a collaboration of BMG & Erika on the Model 1 and effects. This is a recording of their closing set in Detroit on Saturday October 30th at Marble Bar.” – Interdimensional Transmissions Listen below.