NEWS | Resident Advisor’s “Mix Of The Day” by Scott Zacharias

Resident Advisor selected this set by Scott Zacharias from last year’s (virtual) No Way Back. “This two-hour live recording from No Way Back Streaming From Beyond 2021 highlights everything Scott Zacharias is so good at. In the words of the man himself: “A bit self-indulgent, a bit nostalgic, definitely… rusty.” We don’t believe him on […]

RA Live | Scott Zacharias at twenty four/seven New York

Recorded mix by Scott Zacharias for RA Live from New York! “On July 27th we returned to Nowadays in New York for our second twenty four/seven party. We saw DJ Sprinkles (inside) and Actress (in the garden) playing at sunrise. Aurora Halal tore up the main room. Mister Sunday closed in their own back yard. […]

PODCAST & INTERVIEW | RA.606 Scott Zacharias

Scott Zacharias‘ contribution to Resident Advisor‘s podcast series. “Scott Zacharias is a well-kept secret in a city full of them (Detroit), but that may be starting to change. Many know him from No Way Back, the Motor City party series where, sometime around dawn in the chill-out room, following hours of mind-bending techno next door, […]