Article | Interdimensional Transmissions label profile on Bandcamp

Interdimensional Transmissions, which is runned by BMG and Erika (Ectomorph), is picked by Bandcamp for their weekly “Label Profile” series. For the full article, please check the link below.

“Brendan Gillen (aka BMG) grew up listening to Detroit techno as it evolved on the radio. He was entranced as a child by the prosody and mythology of Detroit radio legend The Electrifying Mojo and the fast, wild mixes of Underground Resistance co-founder Jeff Mills when he was “The Wizard,” before techno and house had even begun to creep into his mixes. By the late 80s, mix shows by Juan Atkins, Derrick May, and Kevin Saunderson—the Belleville Three credited with pioneering techno—made it enormously clear to Gillen that another world was possible. When he made it to the world’s first techno club The Music Institute in 1989, his life was changed forever.” – Bandcamp

Full article here!

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