Home base: Utrecht (NL)

Booking territory: World


If Happn for musicians only existed, this duo would’ve met way before they finally bumped into each other in Utrecht’s night life. For years, these two music aficionados danced until dawn to the same beat at local venue Tivoli Oudegracht, only a few feet apart. Years later, the stars finally aligned: that’s when the hypnotizing techno of Nuno Dos Santos clashed into the thumping electro kicks of Ben Spaander (aka Cosmic Force).

The duo found each other either on the dance floor and in the studio: a new musical collaboration was born. Ultrastation’s electrifying dynamic expresses itself through a hybrid live setting in which dj set and modular synth performance seamlessly merge into each other, creating a comet rain of techno, 909s with amplified low ends and vocoder-improvs, all on top of exquisitely mixed tracks. A formula more inflammable than a rocket’s bottom: festival sites in vortex and clubs in ecstasy (Wildeburg, Drift and HÖR Radio being excellent proof) set a new standard for live techno, all before the Ultrastation mothership sets off for another destination.

With a total experience of 50 years in night life, these two local charmers from Utrecht are completive like yin to yang, Han to Chemie or Kirk to Spock. Ultrastation stuns, bedazzles, spaces out and zones in: they are the living proof of the sum of parts. To infinity and beyond.

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